MRC, through an Omnichannel approach, addresses the most complex challenges for its clients; offering state-of-the-art services and solutions in strategy, business organization, and digital.

In the Omnichannel model, the various sales channels show mutual independence, influencing and interacting with each other. The fundamental aspects of this approach are therefore:

  • Sales channels integrated management.
  • Communication and team interdependence dedicated to individual sales channels.
  • Consumer purchase behaviors constant monitoring, with the goal of a dynamic approach in evaluating the customer journey.
  • Use of IT and marketing tools that can support the "cross-channel" phenomena.
  • Monitoring though KPIs tailored to an omni-channel context, and thus integrated evaluation metrics of individual channels, in relation to those at the strategic level.

The Omnichannel approach and cross-channel, are primarily based on interdependence of the different sales channels which involves cross integration.