About us

MRC OmniChannel is a Consulting and Digital company based in Lugano, Switzerland - an area that has always been focused on innovation.

Established in 2018 by a team of professionals boasting several years of experience in delivering groundbreaking services and solutions in strategy, business organization, operational processes, information systems, and the digital world.



A strong, recognizable brand that has a consistent identity across all marketing activities helps differentiate itself from competitors and provides a sense of credibility as well as a competitive advantage to the company. In order to support marketing strategies, MRC BSA evaluates the brand image, importance and competitive positioning of companies with a new methodology, based on the analysis of "spontaneous" expressions of consumers and stakeholders. For example, data from social media and online news.

Sales growth through OmniChannel solutions

We provide solutions to the most complex challenges for our clients, offering innovative strategy, business organization, and digital services and solutions.

Operation optimization, sales boost, customer management through contact center

MRC employs an Omnichannel model for managing all activities related to Contact Centers; focusing in particular on customer satisfaction, increased sales volumes, revenue growth, and cost reduction.

Digital Transformation

Starting from the use of new digital technologies, MRC OmniChannel helps its clients to tweak, improve, business processes, corporate culture and customer experience by streamlining costs and paving the way towards new business opportunities.

GDPR - Privacy Assessment Tool

From May 25, 2018, every organization must comply with EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation). MRC supports companies in all stages that involve GDPR regulations, starting from design and improvement audits, to training.

People Strategy

Staffing strategy aimed at lean, effective processes and measurable results; Talent Experience creation, through KPI review, know-how contamination, osmosis between generations, Academy and internal Laboratories, as well as Board Assessment from an Omnichannel perspective. Smart Working processes implementation and related Remote Engagement proposition.

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The internal and external processes of a business require not only a considerable amount of time, but also a significant financial cost. Thanks to customized solutions for your business we will be able to reduce costs and shrinking timelines, making your organisation a high-tech company.