Digital Transformation is the process that, through use of new digital technologies, allows you to create, modify, and improve business processes, corporate culture, and customer experience; thus maximising cost efficiency and potentially opening up new business opportunities. MRC supports companies in this transitional phase of the market where digital integration into the business approach is a must, not just a nice-to-have.

Thanks to our partners' expertise, we at MRC guarantee speed in the execution of the analysis by setting detailed objectives with a precise execution timeline for the activities.

Moreover, MRC constantly monitors the main elements of success (KSF) determined in the Digital Transformation process:

  • verify that internal management is fully aware of Transformation objectives;
  • control over digital tools used to track change results;
  • coaching for individuals in key roles that promote collaboration across business departments.

People Strategy:

Staffing strategy aimed at lean, effective processes and measurable results; Talent Experience creation, through KPI review, know-how contamination, osmosis between generations, Academy and internal Laboratories, as well as Board Assessment from an Omnichannel perspective. Smart Working processes implementation and related Remote Engagement proposition.