MRC employs an Omnichannel model for managing all activities related to Contact Centers; focusing in particular on customer satisfaction, increased sales volumes, revenue growth, and cost reduction.

This Omnichannel approach is established in the following areas:

  • Inbound Customer Service

Managing different contact flows across communications platforms from phone, chat, and email, to modern messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.

  • Outbound Phone Sales

Telemarketing is one of the key elements of the Omnichannel model which is structured in profiled list sales, cold list sales, cross/upselling activities and customer satisfaction verification programs, including churn prevention.

  • Social Care

In customer management framework, Social platforms are becoming an increasingly important contact channel that can be managed or, on the contrary, subjected passively. Engagement rules, FAQ's, interaction methods on Facebook and Twitter, are the key elements to keep under control to better manage this type of interactions.

  • Digital Sales

The Digital world is an additional element that leads the Omnichannel strategy to increase business opportunities. In fact, Web and Socials can generate multiple leads that can then be addressed through phone channels, as well as traditional e-commerce sales.